Mediation Services

Mediation is perhaps the most cost-effective and time-efficient means of dispute resolution. It provides a forum where you and the person or persons with whom you have a dispute are actively encouraged and guided by the Mediator in designing resolutions to the issues that suit your needs, as opposed to the blunt approach provided by the Court process. In both Family and Civil disputes, I will act as a neutral participant in a discussion or series of discussions that help create the dialogue necessary for a settlement to occur.

Some of the benefits of Mediation are:

Angus Bickerton holds the Chartered Mediator (C.Med.) designation from the ADR Institute of Canada and Ontario and is an active member of the Ontario Association for Family Mediation. In 2017, Angus received his Master of Laws Degree in Dispute Resolution programme after two years of graduate study at York University’s Osgoode Hall Law School. This degree compliments his Law Degree and 20+ years of family law experience, making him the most qualified mediator in the Brockville and surrounding area. He has conducted dozens of mediations and facilitated negotiations.

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